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Bad Moon Rising

Giving a bit of space to my client Kate Porter’s newest novel, Hunter’s Sword. The book is a playful riff on vampire novels and is available on amazon for $3.99, details below!

Hunter's Sword cover

Book Description:

Armed with family legends and a blessed sword dating back to the first crusades, Hunter Blackfox leaves the reservation in Cherokee, North Carolina to replace a fallen member of Team Nightly and help protect the city of Savannah. His life is about to change…

When he first lays eyes on Sheila Maxson,he likens her to Aphrodite, Helen of Troy, and Jackie Onassis—sex, beauty, and class—all rolled into one perfect package. Sheila is a born vampire hunter, gifted with exceptional speed and agility on the battlefield. But she’s battling more than the rising darkness. Despite their mutual attraction, every time she and Hunter are in the same vicinity, she goes on the attack. As word comes to them that Hunter’s sword is coveted by their vampire enemies, the team must find a way to keep it, and Sheila, out of vampire clutches.


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