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SC Comic Con

Today, I am switching gears back to the importance of networking and presence at major events. I had the pleasure of attending a local convention this weekend with my author, Kate Porter. Even though we didn’t have a booth at the event we decided to go and check out the venue (not to mention shopping for merch!).


As we made our way through the event, we met a variety of vendors and made a ton of great contacts. We met a graphic designer who specialized in logos and offered to create a custom design for Kate’s paranormal series. She loved his over aesthetic and plans on contacting him soon. My favorite contact of the day, bar none, was a cosplayer named Toni Darling. The day we met Toni, she was cosplaying Thor. (Note that Toni had been cosplaying as a female Thor two years before Marvel stepped up to the plate. )


With the long blonde wig and a kickass attitude she seemed to embody one of Kate’s characters, a vampire hunter named Sheila. Once the crowd around Toni’s booth thinned out a bit, Kate immediately handed her a business card and asked her if she could maybe model for the series. Toni asked her about the character and seemed really thrilled about the prospect of modeling as Sheila for the website.


We only encountered one traditional author booth at the convention and stopped to swap stories with the writers involved. Both writers had sci-fi novels and decided to go in together to split the cost of the booth. Buttons, magnets, and bookmarks were free for the taking and every person that passed by their table walked away with at least one promotional item. I’m not sure what sort of profit they made for the day, but they certainly made an impression on the buying public.


We left a stack of raffle cards and brochures near the exit and managed to slip a few business cards in with some freebie bags. Overall, we had an awesome time and met some cool people. I can’t wait until we’re on the other side of the booth someday.


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