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Finding The Creative Spark


Something that I struggle with when helping writers is helping them to find their inspiration. On a personal level, I’m a “lightning in the bottle” type of writer. I can be inspired by anything at any time but I struggle to capture the idea and then turn it into a workable project. I try to remain open to new ideas and do my best to write as much as I can once inspiration strikes. One of my clients, however, is always unsure about whether or not she’s feeling the creative spark. Unlike me, she is an extremely regimented writer and keeps detailed notes on every aspect of her work. When we first started working together I was shocked by the amount of notebooks she had on had that were filled to bursting with her chapter summaries and character descriptions, ect. Whereas I struggle to get my ideas down fast enough, she has trouble adapting her notes into stories. While I envy her planning abilities, I suggested that the next time she felt the need to write down a chapter summary to instead try writing the chapter itself. This method has helped her writer two books is fairly rapid succession, both of which have done well for her sales wise, but she still struggles to find her spark. Feel free to comment below if you have any suggestions or have experienced the same sort of problem.


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