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Gifts for Your Writer

I hope that everyone is having a good holiday season thus far. With the gift giving season already in full swing, I just wanted to take a moment to suggest a few gifts for the readers and writers in your life. To outsiders we may seem like one of the hardest groups to shop for, but I’d like to think that it’s the opposite.

Gift Idea #1: Books!


Glorious, beautiful, books. I can say from personal experience that friends and family are often wary of buying books for me since my library is rather extensive (it’s not that big, I swear!). But if you have a true bookworm in your life, books are pretty much a guaranteed home run in the gift giving department. Even if they have the same book, chances are they will appreciate an unread copy for display purposes, a re-read, or to enjoy a different cover.

Gift Idea #2: Writing Tools


Writers are always in need of pen and paper. Even in the digital age, there is nothing more inspiring and motivating than staring at that first blank page of a new notebook or journal. Pens are also a great gift idea, especially if they have unique designs or ink type.

Gift Idea #3: Comfort Items


Both writers and readers spend a lot of time in the same place, whether in the same room or on the same piece of furniture. During the winter months there is nothing better than settling down in a warm space to read a book or work on your writing. That being said, blankets, t-shirts, pajamas, and pillows all make great gift ideas. I still use my Harry Potter blanket from Christmas 2002.

Gift Idea #4: Fandom Merch

Dervish & Banges inside the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
Dervish & Banges inside the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Chances are, the bookworms in your life have a variety of favorite shows, books, and movies. If you can find out what some of their favorites are, you can then start searching for related items. From accessories to figures and from posters to plushies, we love all things related to our fandoms (especially if they can then be displayed alongside our books).

Gift Idea #5: Gift Cards


When in doubt, shell out! Despite the disdain for gift cards among the gift buying community at large, you can’t deny the fact that sometimes it’s just better to let someone buy what they really want. Gift cards to bookstores, movie theaters, and coffee shops are always a good bet. If you’re still feeling unsure about how personal a gift card can really be, just mention that you’d like to take them out to said venue to spend some time together.

Which leads us to the final Gift Idea: Shenanigans


Everyone loves to have a good time. Even if the writers and literature buffs in your life are fairly solitary, it’s a nice change of pace to spend some time with the people you love and have fun. After all, that is what the holidays are all about.

If you have any more gift ideas, please comment below. I’m always looking for the next great present.





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