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Love The One You’re With


I have some exciting news to share! A personal essay of mine will be featured in a new book entitled “Everything I Need to Know About Love I Learned From Pop Songs”. To quote the editor of the book, we’re just going to call this thing “Pop Songs” for the rest of the post to save my fingers. “Pop Songs” will feature 13 essays from writers of every sort of romantic persuasion that share the common thread of how a song has influenced their views on love. Spoiler alert: mine is about a Stevie Nicks song. The book is available for digital pre-order here and will be released on Valentine’s Day.

Also, I just signed up for the OwlCrate monthly book subscription service. I’m super excited about receiving my magical monthly reads and plan on writing unboxing posts every month. That’s it for now. I hope you all are having a great 2016 so far.


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