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Spotlight: Missing

Missing cover


A day celebrating the beauty of God’s handiwork turns into a father’s worst nightmare as the sun sets on his only son, Jaryd Atadero, lost in the Colorado Mountains. A highly publicized search breaks into a national story as reports surfaced concerning Jaryd’s whereabouts. Did Jaryd fall prey to a territorial mountain lion? Was he a victim of the elements? Did someone take Jaryd off the mountain? Is Jaryd alive, or did he become the victim of a notorious serial killer? The second edition includes new theories and thoughts provided by experts in the field of criminal investigation. Missing: When the Son Sets—The Jaryd Atadero Story is the personal account of a father’s painful search to discover the truth.

Author’s Note:

On October 2, 1999, my son, Jaryd, vanished in the Colorado Mountains. I never saw him again and I wasn’t sure how I would survive this tragic event. Due to this situation, I have a passion for helping families with missing children or families who have experienced the dreadful pain of losing a child. I survived because of God’s love and His promise. I cherish the fact that I will see my son again someday and I look forward to experiencing the joy it brings.


“I wished I could give this book more than 5 stars! Even then I just don’t think there are that many stars possible to give this book! This book… this book…. the story… the background, so hard to really put into words what I want to say. For one, I can’t EVER, EVER imagine as a parent myself the hurt the grief the emotions that a parent would go through. The strength that this author shows in this book is more than I could ever imagine! This is a situation that you don’t want to believe really happens. A story you never want to hear of your own. But when or if it does, what is one to do? How do you carry on? This book, this story… AMAZING!!!” -Amazon Customer

“I just finished reading your book and I am truly amazed by your strength after all you have endured.  I cried through much of it as your description of your emotions was so raw and honest.  As a mom, I was often imagining how I would handle such a tragedy–your son must be so proud of you.” – Kathy from Colorado




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